The Best Lawnmowers in Shreveport

For large yards, a zero turn mower is going to be your best bet. Zero turn mowers take things one step further than a traditional push mower and are much faster and less physically demanding than traditional mowers.

What Makes A Lawn Mower “The Best”?

The best lawn mowers will have a long life, low maintenance, and a great cut. Finding the perfect lawn mower for your lawn can be pretty hard, but we’ve put together this checklist to help you find the best mower around! Be sure to check out our massive inventory of zero-turn mowers before choosing.


Pay specific attention to durability. The sturdiness of the frame and deck constructions are two things to pay attention to when trying to find a durable lawn mower. Comparing specs on the frame design and the protection around the engine can help clue you in on the durability.

best commercial grade lawn mower


The deck construction will give you an indication if the lawnmower was built to last. Residential mowers will have light gauge steel decks, which is fine for many homeowners, but properties that have rough terrain need high-quality steel in the decks. Most lawn mower decks are stamped with information regarding the type of terrain the mower is suitable for.

Engine Specifications

When looking for a brand new lawn mower, the engine type will matter. Mowers at the lower end of the spectrum will come with a single cylinder engine. A higher quality mower will include a twin cylinder OHV engine, which is widely used on commercial grade mowers.

A quality mower will make it easy to adjust the cutting height quickly. A foot assist, in addition to a hand level, will make it easy to adjust for short periods. Any mowers that require you to get off to adjust will reduce your productivity.


Comfort is key when spending a good chunk of time mowing. The seat should be comfortable to sit in and the control panel should be within comfortable reach. The controls should be on one side for easy operation.

The Best Lawn Mowers

Both Bad Boy and Spartan lawn mowers are designed with customers’ needs in mind. Red River Outdoor Power exclusively sells these brands of zero-turn mowers because they are upstanding industry leaders in the world lawn mowers. We have handpicked a selection from both of these durable brands to ensure our customers leave happy.

Bad Boy offers both commercial and residential mowers with tough construction to give you one of the strongest and most powerful mowers that allow for your grass to have a clean cut. The MZ model is in one of the lower ranges, but it’s still quality and features solid steel construction with a larger and stronger frame for residential use.getting the perfect cut from the best mower

Spartan mowers have three different levels of zero turn mowers, ranging from the RZ series to the SRT series. Spartan also offers a heavy-duty diesel option. These mowers are American made with smart riding technology to give a clean cut and provide comfort.

Finding the Best Zero Turns in Shreveport, LA

When finding the best zero turn mowers in Shreveport, LA, there are four classes of mowers to consider. There are entry-level, mid-grade, semi-pro and professional options in order to meet your needs. Entry-level mowers are great for those who want a zero turn mower but without the professional price tag. These will be less powerful and have smaller gas tanks. They have less expensive components and shouldn’t be for daily use. Be sure to talk to someone at Red River Outdoor Power about your needs and your lawn. One of our experienced technicians will be able to find you the perfect mower for your situation and have you back to cutting grass in no time!

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