Lawn Mower Repair in Shreveport, LA

Lawnmowers, like any other appliance, will break down with use over time. There are common problems that owners might experience, and some are easily fixable and some are not. Red River Outdoor Power offers top quality lawn mower repair and service to keep your mower in top shape for the best looking lawn down your block. If you have a Spartan or Bad Boy mower, remember that we are the most trusted zero-turn repair service in Shreveport, and our certified professionals are eager to help your mower out!

To make your lawn mower service more simple, we have assembled a list of repair problems we commonly get asked about in our store, and some quick fixes to learn more about your mower and how to maintain it.

fixing up broken lawn mowers

Common Lawn Mower Repairs

Stuck Engine Crank

This problem is usually caused by the safety mechanism that is in place. The parking brake may be on, or one of the safety switches hasn’t been moved to the appropriate position. Commercial lawnmowers are designed to have proper safety mechanisms in place to avoid injury.

Another possibility is that the battery cable is loose. This doesn’t happen as often, but it’s an easy fix. The battery is a sensitive part of your mower, so be sure to examine it for other problems. The battery should measure a specific gravity level when fully charged, and this will depend on your specific model. Check to make sure there is enough fluid in the battery as well. If the battery itself is not the issue, then check fuses or any loose or pinched wires.

Lawnmower Doesn’t Start

If your lawnmower won’t start after cranking, check to see if there is a fuel issue. It’s possible your fuel line could be clogged and needs to be cleaned out or replaced. There needs to be enough fuel for the engine to start, and a common lawn mower practice is to empty out the gas tank in preparation for storage. This can leave the tank completely dry and will need to fuel to get going! Spark plugs are another common cause of this problem as they may have come loose or are faulty. For this type of repair, it’s best to contact a trusted lawn mower service because mowers can easily break beyond repair when being handled by someone who is inexperienced.

Smoke From Engine

If your lawnmower is smoking, turn it off right away and bring it to a repair shop! This problem usually occurs when there is too much oil in the engine, and we will have to go in and remove the excess oil to prevent smoking. If this isn’t due to an oil problem, it could be due to a loose or broken dipstick or some other internal damage. We may have to order and replace any defective parts in order to stop this problem from continuing, and it’s important to make sure your lawn mower is not used until it receives repair.

dealing with long grass in shreveportMiscutting Grass

Dirt builds up underneath your deck which can cause your lawnmower to not cut grass properly. If your lawn is taller than usual, check your settings and make sure you’re able to cut grass of this size. When the grass seems longer than you can handle, go over it first with a higher setting and then adjust the setting down to mow shorter grass. If you have a Spartan mower, try moving across your lawn slowly to help achieve a cleaner cut and alleviate any problems you may be having. Wet grass could also interfere with the functionality of the lawnmower, and this is why it’s best to mow during drier conditions.

Fixing A Zero-Turn Mower in Shreveport

Even with a concise list that could help solve basic lawn mower repair issues, be sure to talk to a reputable repair service to make sure your lawn mower is running at full throttle. It’s easy to believe you know everything when it comes to these machines, but understand that it takes years or even decades to truly grasp every moving part in a lawn mower, and our professional repairmen at Red River in Shreveport have done just that. Stop in our convenient location with questions, or simply bring your mower anytime we are open and we will have someone fixing it up in no time at all.

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