Residential Lawn Mowers in Shreveport, LA

Residential lawnmowers are must-have equipment for keeping yards pristine and beautiful. However, picking the right mower for the job can be a little difficult, mostly because every yard is so different, that the perfect mower must come along. Because of this, it’s important to select a suitable lawnmower to keep your yard happy and healthy. This comes from researching and keeping up to date with what new lawn mowers look like! As things evolve, more and more features seem to pop up on the latest lawnmowers. Here in Shreveport, Red River provides the highest grade of residential zero-turn lawn mowers in the area.the perfect lawn in shreveport la

Zero-turn Mowers vs Push Mowers

So, should you pick a zero-turn or a push mower? The differences between these two main types of mowers are obvious, but it’s good to line them up against one another. Bad Boy mowers and are some of the most durable in the industry, providing their owners a quick cut time and low maintenance, and Red River has ’em all. Each of the lawn mowers has distinct features that could suit your lawn care needs perfectly, or not so perfectly. Outlining these features will help you make a better decision on the types of residential lawn mowers to pursue.


Zero-turn mowers require little manual labor while their counterparts are the complete opposite. If you have health issues like joint pains and severe backache, consider choosing a zero-turn mower. There is a very simple and straightforward nature to these mowers, and it can even be fun for some people! But, for those who don’t find themselves not wanting to commit, can always choose a push mower. Other than helping you maintain your backyard, push mowers also help you get exercise as you ensure your lawn is short and clean.


Often, the price is determined by the brand you choose, quality, as well as the shop you purchase from. Push mowers are often significantly cheaper than zero-turn mowers, and this comes at a cost. The parts are made cheaply, which breaks easily to rocks and debris possibly lurking in your yard. This will lead to purchasing a new mower soon. zero-turn mowers are built with durability as the first point. Often lasting years, and through harsh weather conditions and wear and tear, zero-turn mowers are an investment into the future of your lawn and its health.

lack of control; switch to zero turnManeuverability

A push mower comes out on top when it comes to maneuverability. Most zero-turn mowers have a wide turn range compared to the push lawn mower. This means that it will be easy to skip the tight corners and other similar areas. At Red River Power in Shreveport, we sell Spartan mowers which are affordable zero-turn mowers that have a significant boost in maneuverability than those of its predecessors. This feature means that tight corners, and avoiding small to medium sized obstacles is easier than ever before on a zero-turn mower.

Operating cost

Just like the purchase price, manually operated mowers are cheaper to use than the zero-turn ones due to various reasons. Push mowers are available in either electric or gas-powered motors while zero-turn mowers are only gas powered. A push mower is also generally cheaper to maintain compared to a zero-turn mower, and this is because push mowers are smaller and have fewer parts. Usually purchasing spare parts is less costly because they are cheaper to make and are distributed more widely. Large mower parts are large and serve the purpose of powering both the mowing blade and the tractor, meaning parts are more expensive. Many times, parts must be ordered from elsewhere, but this leads to a higher grade part that will last a long time.

Switching To A Zero-Turn Mower

After reading through this breakdown, it’s obvious to see how commercial zero-turn mowers are more valuable to the user over time. They last long, provide a better functioning product but do require a small financial investment to begin creating your dream yard. Choosing a zero-turn mower comes down to the shape and size of your yard. The bigger your yard is, the larger a cut radius you want to have. This will give you a faster cut so you can spend less time trimming and more time enjoying the green grass smell and experience.

Important Questions Before Buying

  • Do you have to mow around anything? Flowerbeds or trees?
  • Is it smooth or hilly terrain?
  • What is the size of your lawn and how long will a full cut take you?
  • Is it shaped oddly at any part? Spots a traditional mower may not reach easily?

Finding Your Dream Lawn Mower in Shreveport

Dream lawn mowers will happen once in a lifetime. If you are someone with a yard that you love, perhaps you’ve had it for years or are planning on having it for the foreseeable future, finding the perfect lawn mower will cut so much stress from your life. Even if you’re not the one who cuts your lawn, you’ll make your money back by paying your gardener to use a zero-turn mower. Red River Power has a goal of matching every customer they get with the perfect mower for them. This can happen after a long period of time debating or even test drives. but it’s essential that every person can feel great about how their lawn is being cut.

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