Zero-Turn Mowers in Shreveport

Picking the right lawnmower may not be as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of options and one may be overwhelmed or confused. The choice should depend on the size and topography of your property. At Red River Outdoor, we strive to make your mowing experience more comfortable by offering a variety of good quality mowers at affordable prices. Our zero-turn mowers are a good choice.

What Is A Zero-Turn Lawnmower?

The name zero turn comes from the mowers’ ability to turn within a radius of zero inches. This basically means that the mower is able to turn within its footprint. A zero-turn mower pivots around its rear wheels and turns on a dime. Zero-turn lawn mowers do not usually come with a steering wheel because they usually have two levers which are used to control motors attached to the rear wheels. You can move the mower forward by pushing the appropriate steering handle. Contrary to what most people think, zero-turn mowers are very easy to drive. It can be learned with just a little practice. The big ones can be used as industrial or commercial lawnmowers while the small ones are more suited for residential use.

Why We Buy The Best

Zero-turn mowers have plenty of benefits that make them better than other mowers. They are the fastest mowers you can find. Other advantages include;

  • Less Fuel Consumption
    Since mowing with zero-turn lawnmowers is fast, not much gas is spent. This may help you save on fuel costs.
  • Durability
    The speed of zero-turn mowers makes them more durable. Since the engine is not running for a long time, then it is likely going to last longer than a similar riding mower. Red River offers the best mower repair services anywhere around!
  • Maneuverability
    Zero-turn mowers have dual wheels that give a driver the ability to move around. Since each wheel is controlled independently, it is easier to move in all directions.
  • Easy Driving
    Even though zero-turn mowers may appear difficult to drive, they are actually very easy once you’ve had some practice. It can be compared to driving a cart. They are easy to slow down, increase speed and park.
  • Shorter Mowing Time
    A zero-turn mower reduces mowing time by up to 50%. This is because of the easy maneuverability and the fact that you can turn at 180 degrees with ease.
  • Clean Job
    Because they have a higher blade tip speed, zero-turn mowers give a cleaner mow job than riding mowers. They also reduce the need for trimming because they give more control which allows you to get closer to any objects. The end result is a trimmer, neater look.

Our Zero-Turn Brands

If you are looking for a residential mower to help your lawn stand out against the block, look no further! Red River Outdoor Power is home to the best zero-turn mowers in Shreveport. Our certified professionals and finely crafted inventory will have you leaving our lot happier than a kid at a toy store!

Spartan Mowers

Spartan zero-turn mowers offer a fun and comfortable ride. The most outstanding feature of Spartan mowers is that they are very comfortable because they can absorb shock. They have a range of accessories including; a 10’’ LED light kit and a mulch baffling kit. They are fun yet powerful because of the great engine power and cool styling. Steering for Spartan mowers is lever-based so you won’t have to put too much stress on your back and shoulders

Bad Boy Mowers

Bad boy zero-turn mowers are designed to meet specific needs. They have powerful engines and a strong build. Both the commercial and residential models are designed to last long. The newer models sit lower to facilitate better traction on sloppy areas and inclines. They have good belts and pulleys that provide a good cut quality even when mowing tall and thick grass. They offer a smooth and comfortable ride without compromising on strength.

Affordable Zero-Turns In Shreveport

You can find good quality and affordable zero-turns in Shreveport at Red River Outdoor Power. We have a huge inventory that you can choose from to start enjoying all the advantages of zero-turns. Contact us at (318) 779-1502.

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